The 1035 Ministry

High school and middle school students!

We call ourselves the_1035 because that is the address of our place and it's what stuck. We love Jesus, we like people, and want all students to know they are welcome here. God is the one who takes us as we are and makes us more like Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, regardless of our age. We love getting to be there for students as God takes them through this process. We serve an awesome God, we are part of a great church, we have fantastic adults helping lead teenagers, we have quality music, and we like to have fun. Thanks for visiting our page and checking out our group!

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Join us all this year!

Middle School: Tuesday Nights // 6:30-8:00PM
 High School: Wednesday Nights // 6:30-8:00PM
*Check full calendar below for exact dates*

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