Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Domestic Outreach

Pregnancy Solutions

Venice, FL
Pregnancy Solutions provides Christ-centered solutions to women & men facing unplanned pregnancies in our community. By God’s grace, we offer educational programs and support services to empower individuals to make informed, life-affirming decisions concerning their future & the life of their baby.

Todd Reinschmidt - FCA

Venice, FL
Todd works with  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in Venice, Florida.  FCA mission is to present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Solve Maternity House

Venice, FL
SOLVE strives to assist women who have no place to go and works to redirect their lives when all seems impossible. From conception, to birth and beyond, SOLVE is willing to stand with mothers by loving them, helping them to restore relationships, and giving them the tools they need to be successful in life.

The Twig

Venice, FL
The Twig provides an upscale boutique where children in foster care can shop for clothing and accessories completely free of charge. The goal of The Twig is to provide a haven for the foster care community where needs are met, hearts are encouraged, and God's love is shown in a practical way. The Twig stands for "The Way to Inspire and Give."

180 House

Venice, FL
Located in the heart of Venice Florida, the 180 House is a place where youth can come to connect with their peers, engage in inter-generational relationships, and learn the tools to navigate through the challenges of life.  We are using board-sports and the arts as a common interest to engage and teach youth about the love of Christ.  Our mission is to use community volunteers to get involved in the life of local teens and help them grow in their faith. 

International Outreach

Ryan and Jazira Boyette

Sudan, Africa
'To Move Mountains - Sudan Education'.  If you would like to donate click HERE.

Greg and Sierra Haman

Venice, FL
Greg works directly with Agape Flights in Venice, Florida.

Jack and Joy Jean-Francois

Saint Marc, Haiti
Jack & Joy serve in Saint Marc, Haiti
You can contact them HERE

Bob and Annette Perkins

Juarez, Mexico
Hearts Without Borders currently serves in a desperately poor area in Juarez, Mexico. 

Yallah Kawala

Monrovia, Liberia
Yallah Kawala lives and serves in Monrovia, Liberia with ELWA Radio Ministry.

Agape Flights

Venice, FL
Agape Flights is a ministry that is based here in Venice, FL but serves primarily throughout the Caribbean.

Hearts in Action Peru

Paul & Alida Bowers take the Word of God, His Power and Provision to the children and youth in Peru and the Nations.


Filiz is a group of welcoming Christian volunteers helping non-native speakers- immigrants, internationals, and refugees- build their English conversation skills through online partner connections and provide opportunities to make new friendships and share conversations about life, cultures, and faith.

Nicole Krier

Middle East
Nicole serves in Lebanon, in the Middle East. She is currently in language school, participating in outreach and perhaps using her nursing skills to do medical missions.

Anders Ullrich

Anders Ullrich is working towards missionary aviation. He is in the beginning stages of pilot school as God has led him to reach the nations in this way.