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Resolvedto glorify God and enjoy Him foreverBy Pastor Tony PlummerIn the spirit of Jonathan Edwards who, in order to remain focused and grounded as God used him to be a profound agent of transformation within the kingdom of God, we resolve the following:Resolved, to value transformational relationships with Jesus Christ, each other and the yet saved.Resolved, to live and t...

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Reformation Day

Reformation Day...

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8 Ways God Works Suffering for Good

It is a conviction meant to quiet our minds and encourage our hearts: In some way God has a hand in our suffering. Whatever circumstances we experience can no more arise without the hand of God than a saw can cut without the hand of the carpenter. Job in his suffering did not say, “The Lord gave and the devil took away,” but, “The Lord gave and the Lord t...

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Proud vs. Broken

Proud people focus on the failures of others.  Broken people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual need.Proud people have a critical, fault-finding spirit; they look at everyone else’s faults with a microscope but their own with a telescope. Broken people are compassionate; they can forgive much because they know how much they have been forgiven.Pr...

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