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to glorify God and enjoy Him forever

By Pastor Tony Plummer

In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards who, in order to remain focused and grounded as God used him to be a profound agent of transformation within the kingdom of God, we resolve the following:

Resolved, to value transformational relationships with Jesus Christ, each other and the yet saved.

Resolved, to live and teach Christianity as a movement of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to participate within and not an institution to belong.

Resolved, to seek, to alleviate the needs of the poor, lost and hurting as our mission.  We shall resist any and all that would interfere with or impede this mission from being our reason for existence.

Resolved, to partner with already existing agencies in our community who are meeting the needs of the poor, lost and hurting in order to make them more effective and to bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Resolved, to proclaim and never compromise the truth of Jesus Christ all the while seeking culturally relevant means of expressing this truth and the beauty of Jesus Christ.